Solving niche problems


Hello there!

I’m Nadeem (he/him), a software engineer and architect based in Bangalore, India. I help build end-to-end solutions and solve complex problems.

As a passionate programmer since 8th grade driven by curiosity and exciting problems, I believe in creating engaging, meaningful products and experiences and using code to further scale the vision.

Sometimes an illustrator and a terrible writer

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👨🏻‍💻 Currently: Full Stack Engineer at Sprinto

🎓 Bachelors in Information Technology

💫 Mentor in tech for underprivileged kids


📕Reading random Wikipedia articles

✍️ Loves to write

📷 Learning photography

💻 Experimenting in engg. garage

🎮 Playing TF2

🎨 Illustrating something

Want to work together?

If you’re curious about my projects and past work scroll down to learn more.

<aside> 💡 Jobs: I'm available for side projects, podcast/stream guest appearances, and volunteer work.


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