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Beginners guide on securing your linux server

Will be looking into the essentials of securing a Linux server as part of my daily write-up of creating a Newsletter Service for Engineers.

I wanted to get set up the Infrastructure first before having a working building pipeline instead of rushing my way through in the end trying to get the server up and running quickly.

Building a newsletter for engineers (#1)

Architecture diagram It's been a long time since I have built something small, stupid, and fun. I'm planning to build a newsletter service for engineers that aggregates the data from popular engineering blogs and articles and gives a curated list of weekly updates. If you have used Feedly you know what I mean but rather than going to maintain stream content we are going to focus on blogs that primarily focus on system design, philosophy in programming, and various mature engineer discussions.

How to choose the right database for your project?

Choosing the right database is one of the most important decisions you have to make when starting a new project. It should be the first building block when deciding on the tech stack.

Nowadays, you have a lot of choices than the usual RDBMS (MySQL or Postgres) which are great and tend to solve most of the problems but you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies. So down the line, you don't regret making a wrong choice.

The article aims to give you a framework/process for choosing a database instead of exploring technologies and comparing them.