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Setting up the footer

The footer of your project documentation is a great place to add links to websites or platforms you or your company are using as additional marketing channels, e.g. or , which you can easily configure via mkdocs.yml.


9.0.0 · Feature flag

The footer can include links to the previous and next page of the current page. If you wish to enable this behavior, add the following lines to mkdocs.yml:

    - navigation.footer

1.0.0 · Default: none

Social links are rendered next to the copyright notice as part of the footer of your project documentation. Add a list of social links in mkdocs.yml with:

    - icon: fontawesome/brands/mastodon # (1)!
  1. Enter a few keywords to find the perfect icon using our icon search and click on the shortcode to copy it to your clipboard:

    The following properties are available for each link:


    Default: none · Required – This property must contain a valid path to any icon bundled with the theme, or the build will not succeed. Some popular choices:

    • fontawesome/brands/mastodon automatically adds rel=me
    • fontawesome/brands/twitter
    • fontawesome/brands/github
    • fontawesome/brands/docker
    • fontawesome/brands/facebook
    • fontawesome/brands/medium
    • fontawesome/brands/instagram
    • fontawesome/brands/linkedin
    • fontawesome/brands/pied-piper-alt
    • fontawesome/brands/slack
    • fontawesome/brands/discord

    Default: none · Required – This property must be set to a relative or absolute URL including the URI scheme. All URI schemes are supported, including mailto and bitcoin:

        - icon: fontawesome/brands/mastodon
        - icon: fontawesome/solid/paper-plane
          link: mailto:<email-address>

    Default: domain name from link, if available – This property is used as the link's title attribute and can be set to a discernable name to improve accessibility:

        - icon: fontawesome/brands/mastodon
          name: squidfunk on Fosstodon

    0.1.0 · Default: none

    A custom copyright banner can be rendered as part of the footer, which is displayed next to the social links. It can be defined as part of mkdocs.yml:

    copyright: Copyright &copy; 2016 - 2020 Martin Donath

    Generator notice

    7.3.0 · Default: true

    The footer displays a Made with Material for MkDocs notice to denote how the site was generated. The notice can be removed with the following option via mkdocs.yml:

      generator: false

    Please read this before removing the generator notice

    The subtle Made with Material for MkDocs hint in the footer is one of the reasons why this project is so popular, as it tells the user how the site is generated, helping new users to discover this project. Before removing please consider that you're enjoying the benefits of @squidfunk's work for free, as this project is Open Source and has a permissive license. Thousands of hours went into this project, most of them without any financial return.

    Thus, if you remove this notice, please consider sponsoring the project. Thank you


    The footer navigation showing links to the previous and next page can be hidden with the front matter hide property. Add the following lines at the top of a Markdown file:

      - footer
    # Document title


    8.0.0 · Customization

    In order to customize and override the copyright notice, extend the theme and override the copyright.html partial, which normally includes the copyright property set in mkdocs.yml.